In this ever changing war with the COVID 19 virus all of us are making sacrifices. With Governor DeWine’s/Dr. Acton’s Stay at Home order we are doing our best to adapt to those guidelines. We supply materials to many businesses that are deemed essential and will work to provide those businesses with products while remaining open with many restrictions. We are a small family business and care about our employees and their families. We have sent our employees home for at least the duration of the Stay At Home order and fully intend to pay them as well as provide insurance coverage as long as we can. Here are the steps we are taking to do our best to comply and exceed the social distancing that is crucial in the fight against the virus.

  • Bulk-n-Bushel will be staffed only by our family members. 
  • Our hours will be adjusted and for now are 9:00-2:00 Monday thru Saturday

Our sales yard procedure will be: 

  • When you arrive in the yard stay in your vehicle and call us at 440-327-9728 and receive instructions. The building will be locked and no one will be allowed to enter it.
  • We will direct you to the pile of bulk material you are looking for. Please prepare your vehicle for loading. This includes tarps in the beds/trailers, removing tools or equipment. 
  • Re-enter the vehicle we will then load your vehicle, if you need to scale pull on the scale. 
  • Secure your tarp, tools, equipment after being loaded.
  • After your vehicle has been loaded call us and we will take your credit/debit card over the phone. Your receipt should you desire one can be emailed to you or check your online banking to assure your charges were correct. No record of your CC# is kept by us. 
  • If you are buying by the “bushel” the procedure will be much the same. You will need to bring your own containers and shovel and load yourself as no sales help will be available. 
  • To avoid any common contact we ask that there is only one person (family) at a pile at any given time. Be patient, we are all new to this. 
  • Bagged materials will not be available for the time being thus avoiding more points of common contact. 
  • When buying pavers or wall material we will require a days prior notice to get the product ready for you and will only forklift load the product onto your vehicle much in the manner of loading bulk materials described above. Thus virtually eliminating social distancing issues.
Call 440-327-9728

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Located in North Ridgeville, Ohio, we sell a wide variety of landscape materials to the public. From mulch and topsoil to wallstone and pavers. If you’re looking for bulk material, Bulk N Bushel has what you need!

Our trained staff can assist you in selecting the right material for the job. We offer delivery to just about anywhere in Northern Ohio. In addition to delivery we also have a vehicle scale so you can load up your truck or car with whatever it is that you need for your project.

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